Matthew Eizenga Music

20 Year Series

My Everything

A song written on the back of a Blockbuster Video report. It’s an old song- reimagined again in the 20 Year Series.

Part of the Process

Matthew doesn’t typically talk about the hows or why’s this was too long to be an intro and to uninformative to help you. So treat it as an outtake.

Let’s Run Away

A 20 year old song that never found its footing. The lyrics are all over the place but the rhythm and the chorus is one of those eternal youth choruses that come from that time of life. Trying to find your footing. Trying to love, trying to figure your self out. I appreciate that I was thinking of it, just couldn’t get this sound to be more metaphorical than actual.

Anderson’s Basement 2020

Why NOT take the first ‘song’ I wrote at 18 and turn it into more of a ballad about a basement. A ballad no one needed, certainly more than the world ever knew they needed. So here it is the first song I ever wrote.... with a 2020 twist. Most that HAVE heard this song, have never heard it like this, because this video is the only time I’ve ever played it like this. One takes are always the best, something cool may happen, most times... not.